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About the President, Jared M. Holz

Jared is an experienced Emergency Management Specialist blessed with wonderful opportunities and a background in operations management, disaster planning, public safety, and meaningful relationship building. He is an accomplished professional with proven expertise and ability to direct teams through critical emergency operations within municipal, hospital, academic, governmental, and private sector environments. 

His passion to contribute, and proven ability to do so, as a director in guiding teams through the planning and implementation process has led to sharpen his skills as a proficient educator, presenter, and SME who has made his own presentations for large groups, produced and implemented specialized technical documents, and managed complex exercise development and facilitation. He's a people person. A collaborative communicator with a keen talent for establishing meaningful relationships with community/political leaders, the general public, stakeholders, and team members. He's built a history of creating and developing motivated, organized, and highly knowledgeable teams in both the private and public sectors. His career took flight in 1987, in EMS actively learning in the field. He helped his community as an Paramedic, Critical Care Flight Paramedic, EMS Manager, and eventually a wily EMS & EM Director. He served as the State chairman in the Florida Jaycees, breeding a strong passion for the Emergency Management field while participating in Hurricane Andrew relief. He also held amazing, insightful positions at the local level collaborating with multiple table tops, functional exercises, and declared disasters. 

For the last several years, he has been deeply involved as a consultant assisting various emergency management projects for FEMA, hospital systems, local governments, non-governmental organizations, and private businesses as a SME, Technical Specialist, and a Project Manager. A well versed specialist passionate for helping people and organizations.

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